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A. Shukurov: “The mining unit should be managed centrally”
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- Mr Azar, you said that you had difficulties in financial sector. At first glance, we might think.You should not have financial problems. More specifically, the company lending to banks, they should be interested in you. Because it is not considered to be at risk for the banks in your area.

- This is a very interesting point. Indeed, a number of banks want to give credit to us. We are interested in buying the loan. İt will not be possible to develop this area without bringing to our country a new technology. It requires huge finance. However, the possible mechanisms of this credit is not available for purchase. A few have negotiated with the bank and the general consensus has been reached on this issue. However, the talks ultimately failed. It is not possible to give the loan without collateral. It is necessary to create a system that not only bail loan, but at the same time is not considered to be at risk, banking specialists in concrete projects to be approved by the prospect. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to move forward in this area. Because banks are required to deposit the necessary funds, it is actually possible and economically efficient. Our proposal is that the banks are looking for our projects, determines the degree of riskiness of the loan allocated to project a positive decision is made. In other words, in this case, does not require collateral, credit is given to specific projects. Even so, the credit industry to examine the prospects of allowing, the banks are not interested. Because of the poor development of the mining industry on the banks of the lack of information available to the industry.

- Mr Azar, you gave an explanations about the development of the mining industry. I would like to know, such as the improvement of efficiency in the development of mineral deposits and the progressive loss prevention methods should be compared to the past?

- Noted that the mining industry was established in 1850 and is still in the preliminary basis for further development of the territory of the former Soviet Union, in accordance with tradition irəliləməklə increased growth. However, the ore extraction, processing, and so on. As in other areas of growth and experience in the world is not in progress, and the former Soviet Union were governed by the relevant ministries. For example, in the mining industry, leading the Federal Republic of Germany, Australia, Canada, the U.S. and others. the countries of the former Soviet Union, as compared to technologies differ, despite the application of such technologies in the capitalist countries is not possible unless provided by the union. For this reason, some of the metals are extracted from ore deposits of complex processing creates a lot of difficulties, due to the low level of enrichment technology, the amount of waste sent to higher losses in the material losses were sleeping, and finally reached a high level. For example, a high content of iron ore from the ore Dashkasan after processing of the waste, however, remained rich. Thus, a large amount of metallic wastes that are thrown in this product is extracted from the ore deposits, the amount of developed countries, and sometimes we were down to the waste composition.

Development of new fields and processing of raw materials from a single control center should be held in a centralized manner, the application of new techniques and technologies in a timely and implementation of innovative methods must be simple. Although the separate fields are operated by private organizations, general management and coordination of the management of the implementation of the consolidation of the state agency would be advisable.

- Mr. Azar, you mentioned critical in the prevention of waste. What should be done for not having the waste at all?

- The economic interests of our country in terms of the moments of your question clear. However, it is inevitable losses associated with the upstream and refining. However, the minimum possible losses. The above are violated, as it is not within the capabilities of any organization. Only the best and the latest global technologies and their application to this case of any delay can play a serious role. In this regard, I should mention, free of charge, and the second one is used as a cladding material, which has no analogues “Gulbaxt” no new techniques and technology to the deposit of limestone, since the beginning of the operation, such as a bed, but it was a traditional way of life, loss of union used to grow up to 70%, now it is up to 80% losses. I would like to add at this point that the system, and the application of technologies to implement a high level of concentration would be a combination of well-educated professionals. The increase in losses due to other factors, unfortunately, sometimes deliberately created directly by ourselves. Thus, with regard to the development of Garadagh limestone deposit and adjacent deposits of minerals from the waste collection service for many years and accumulated more than 10 years, Karada is used in cement production by cement factories. But let’s see indispensable raw materials for the production of cement, which is used for the purposes for which it is gathered and stored in the waste. Filling ponds, construction of roads, the establishment of offshore and onshore areas. What is the strength of the cement plant in the near future in excess of the capacity of the Karadag, a second plant will be completed in this area. There is a question, why are indispensable raw materials for other purposes permitted by the robbery, which in the future, taking into account both the plant raw material for the limestone reserves are not so great. In this regard, the mining industry is one of the important problems to combine into a single state agency.

- Mr. Azar modern techniques and technologies used in the mining industry resulted in big losses for non undeniable fact. Do you know how to use technology in their work and do this technique?

- First of all, I would like to note that, in accordance with international standards and the application of new techniques and technologies of mining opportunities within the state. At this stage, the activity of any entity that is difficult to establish exactly new techniques and technologies. We have already mentioned the reason for it. These products are sold at high prices in the world market, it is difficult to get them to private companies because of a lack of funding. However, despite all these difficulties, we work in the mining industry, providing quality equipment and technologies we use to do. Out of modesty, but I have to say that our company is the first company in this field is the use of new techniques and technologies. Power at the expense of the company, the Turkish-German, Swedish and Japanese technology, we were able to use part of our work, and we intend to expand our activities in this direction. Approximately 30 percent of the work in the mining industry, the implementation of the explosion that led to the level of international standards, our company has carried out this work in its entirety. Unfortunately, we have the substance of these explosives are imported. What is the output of this field can be set. This is a very important issue. Because of the development of the mining industry, it will become a problem to import a large amount of explosive material.

- Mr. Azar, there is not enough processing plants either. So, what can you say about the export of raw minerals?

- The period of the Soviet Union, and now the minerals or concentrate, or is exported in the form of half-finished. Recent commodity products within the required training to obtain the gift of God is due to the lack of minerals in the subsurface of the earth is not a kind, or to concentrate for long years. Today, the same thing applies to the development of gold deposits. Export of gold and silver in the form of semi-obvious. The product is sold as a commodity is lower than the last, new jobs at the appropriate level are not growing, hence the open opportunities for the development of the mining industry. In this regard, expected to begin operation in the near future, the present serious and unique range of fields, such as the copper-polymetallic deposits in the Filizchay not concentrate processing plant will be the fate of exports. In this regard, it would be better in the mining industry development program, the processing plants to be controlled by a single government agency would have reflected.

- Mr. Azar, the mining industry, what can you tell us about the security measures?

- Touched upon a very important and valid question. Without questioning that any deficiencies in an area are connected with each other in a chain. In this regard, we can say that the level of safety associated with the development of oil fields is not very satisfactory. Thus, if the system is used, the above-mentioned shortcomings in equipment and technology available, taking the security situation in itself is not satisfactory. I have to emphasize that the solution of this problem will depend on the introduction of new techniques and technologies. On the other hand for more than 20 years, our country is in Independence. However, the regulations developed in this area has not been prepared yet. Along with the new techniques and technologies in a timely alliance with changes in regulations and  adjusted every 10 years. Unfortunately, according to the new regulations the development of the mining industry has not been solved.

Here, I would like to touch on another issue. Earlier, on the development of mineral deposits and underground mining works on a high level of technical education and special education professionals, currently only open to the specialization of the mining activities are carried out. This is not complete. In addition, as mentioned above, training of skilled personnel in different institutions of the Union and the Soviet Union was returning across the country experienced specialists, high-capacity thereby created.

Poor knowledge of the Russian language in the new generation or the inability to create difficulties in the development of new personnel in the field of mining. Because of the relevant literature in the Russian language restricts their learning opportunities. I should note that I have led the company to recruit young professionals to increase their knowledge levels as a guide in front of one of the main objectives (to be continued).

The interview was taken by: Ismail Gasimov